Enjoy Playback of Blu-ray and HD DVD Discs

Get ready for the next generation in video! Corel® WinDVD® 9 Plus Blu-ray delivers quality and entertainment in style, with the power and flexibility to provide the sharpest viewing experience for multiple video formats. Its state-of-the-art HD-quality upscaling even makes your standard DVDs look better!

New Features in Corel® WinDVD® 9 Plus Blu-ray

  • Play Blu-ray and HD DVD discs on your PC
  • Make your DVDs look like HD video with the unique all2HD upscaling technology
  • Reduce playback artifacts and video noise with de-snow and de-block filters
  • Complete format support including full AVCHD and H.264 support

Make your DVDs look like HD video
Improve Picture Quality for Spectacular Viewing

Clean up digital artifacts from MPG, H.264 and VC-1 video with built in tools:

NEW! De-snow filter - Removes digital noise from low resolution video.
NEW! De-block filter - Removes blocky digital artifacts from compressed video.
Image sharpness - can be adjusted for a better-than-original look.
Auto-scaling - intelligently tailors playback to fit monitor resolution and refresh.
NEW! Unique All2HD upscaling - convert standard DVDs to crisp High-Definition video with outstanding color and clarity.
Digital Natural Motion
– choose from several presets for the smoothest possible playback.
Advanced de-interlacing - Auto-detects film frame rate and ensures crisp edges even on fast moving objects.
Complete Format Support
Stylish Good Looks

Corel WinDVD® 9 is Windows Vista® compatible and supports all these popular formats:

  • DVD-Video
  • DivX®
  • RealPlayer
  • QuickTime®
  • Windows Media
  • H.264
  • AVI
Top Video Technologies – Intel® Clear Video and NVIDA® PureVideo® graphics processing. Includes DTS 96K/24bit decoding and AVCHD Camcorder Compatibility.

Enhanced Layout - A clutter-free and easy-to-navigate interface redesigned to let you find just the tools you need.
Enhanced UPnP Client
– Plays back content from other uPnP-certified devices within a home network, with enhanced thumbnail views of available clips on the network...................... See Your Movies on the Go – Watch movies wherever you are. Unique laptop features ensure you never miss the ending! Enjoy the full quality of high-definition video with outstanding quality.

Corel® WinDVD® 9 Plus Blu-ray

Play Blu-ray and HD DVD discs plus enjoy all the regular features of WinDVD9

Corel® WinDVD® 9 Plus
Read Blu-ray and HD DVD files plus enjoy all the regular features of WinDVD9
Corel® WinDVD® 9
  • Superior video and audio playback
  • State-of-the-art HD upscaling
  • Supports all popular video formats

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